Who Is Coach Tena?


Who is Tena?

I am a lover of adventuring, risk-taking, and crazy dreaming! Strong-willed and open-minded, I may be described by some as a velvet hammer...perhaps that stems from my military training motto "Use the least amount of force necessary". I love most anything outdoors and have a very hard time sitting still!

My husband, Eric, and I have been married for a lively 22 years so far. (Yes, we married young!) We have 5 beautiful daughters ranging in age from 6 to 21; they keep us humble, always learning and mostly laughing.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a high value on being a truly good listener. This, paired with my incurable passion for seeing other people discover and live out their life dreams, has led me into this business of life coaching. As a life coach, I have the privilege and honor of creating space for and with my clients in which they can have those profound "Ah-ha!" moments.

I deeply believe that each individual on this earth is no mistake, but rather each is of inestimable worth as a person. AND every human possesses a unique important destiny which, when believed and pursued, will positively impact the world.

In my personal life, I am constantly desiring self-growth and pressing into the challenges and learning opportunities presented me. In my relationships I enjoy opportunities to empower, challenge, and encourage those with whom I am interacting. I am energized when I have the privilege to "breathe oxygen on the flames" of someone's personal vision and calling.

My focus on leadership development:

I am excited and honored to delve into this arena of leadership development with individual clients as well as with teams/groups of leaders, partnering with them as their coach - empowering them to grow in self-leadership and in becoming the healthiest most effective leader(s) they can be in whatever areas they have opportunity to lead!

As I look back over my life, I can count numerous experiences and trainings in the realm of leadership development which have formed who I am as a leader. I have had the privilege to participate in quite a variety of trainings over the years as it pertains to effective and healthy leadership.

Hard-wired with an insatiable love of learning, I have acquired numerous resources on the topic of self-leadership, leading individuals and teams, and leading leaders. I have worked and served on leadership teams, where I have not only functioned as a leader but have trained up and released other leaders as well.

Investing in new and seasoned leaders of diverse backgrounds, personalities, cultures, and classes is one of my life passions. Empowering them to take action in pursuit of becoming the healthiest and most effective leaders they can be is deeply rewarding work. I believe that if people who are already operating in leadership roles AND those who are gifted/wired for leading are encouraged, equipped, and released...our world will be positively and profoundly changed!


I'd love to meet you!

I offer FREE 30 minute sample coaching sessions to give you the opportunity to:

  • experience the power of coaching for yourself
  • explore your options for pursuing intentional personal growth and/or leadership development
  • discover answers to your questions about the life coaching process