Are you ready to transform your world?

Improve your self-awareness & self-confidence

Deepen your relationships & Enhance your community

Grow your leadership effectiveness & impact

Are you longing for your life to make a significant positive impact on your world?

Are you dissatisfied with where your putting your energy, time, and resources?

Are you lacking meaningful community?

Are your relationships strained?

Are you stuck in ethnocentric community and longing for diversity?

Do you lack the confidence and skills to be most effective in your leadership roles?

Do you feel ill-equipped to raise up new leaders among those whom you are leading?

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes!", consider investing in the transforming power of life coaching!

LEAD Life Coaching is a unique and powerful process designed to help you reach your fullest potential in:

Personal Growth

Do you truly value who you are and your contribution to your community?
While there are plenty of books and methods on the topic of self-discovery, unfortunately many of them leave you feeling stuck, self-focused, and staring at your belly button.

Conversely, the process which LEAD Life Coaching uses for personal growth is quite revolutionary in its approach. Delve into transformational personal growth in such a way as to:

  • develop more compassion for yourself and others
  • hone powerful communication and conflict resolution skills
  • gain confidence in your purpose
  • move forward with your goals and dreams
  • ultimately transform your world!

Meaningful Relationships

Are your relationships filled with mutual respect and integrity, meaning and fulfillment, healthy interdependence and honest communication?

Whether we're talking marriage, family, or friends...relationships are hard! We misunderstand one another's words. We react from our own hurt and assumptions. We misinterpret each other's intentions. We withdraw in self protection. Oy vey! Did I mention relationships are hard??

Using the LEAD Life Coaching process, you will step into a safe space of self discovery and discovery of the others in your life. Developing life-changing compassion for yourself and for those you love, you will be empowered to move out of the stuck places and tension of your relationships.

This transformational process will equip you with powerful communication skills and conflict resolution techniques, all within the context of being truly yourself in your relationships.

  Leadership Development

Imagine being the type of leader who inspires others to reach their potential, achieve their goals, and pursue their crazy dreams! When you are living and leading from a place of health and humility, you will do just that for all the beautiful people you lead and influence.

In fact, just the intentional process of delving into becoming your healthiest self and developing your leadership skills to the best of your ability will have profound positive affects on those around you.

We are not talking perfection here. On the contrary, leading from a place of health releases yourself and others from such unrealistic expectations. Consequently, you and those you lead are able operate with more motivation and freedom to grow! So...Let's do this!